About Gold Price

GoldPrice.com is a community destination for gold and silver enthusiasts.

At GoldPrice.com our goal is to provide real-time price tracking tools and insightful market analysis for our users. In 2019 we partnered with Fibonnaci in an effort to provide even more insight and content.

About Fibonacci

Fibonacci.com is a platform specializing in the application of Fibonacci trading tools in the technical analysis of markets. We publish daily technical charts and information with the aim to highlight trade setups and improve the probabilities and success rate of trading markets. The site also offers an extensive history on the subject of Fibonacci, including the origins of the Fibonacci sequence, its quotient known as the Golden Ratio, and its various applications across science, nature, art, and mathematics.

Additionally, the site features a growing collection of resource materials, like book reviews, a free downloadable e-book, information on trading tools and investment research, and a trading glossary covering such topics and Fibonacci retracements and extensions.