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Engelhard Silver Bars: Their History and How to Buy Them

Written by Gold Price     December 27, 2012    

The Engelhard Corporation was founded by Charles Engelhard in 1902. In the following years he made many business acquisitions, converting the company into the world's largest precious metal refinery and developing silver alloys for industrial applications. He is also credited with inventing liquid gold for decorative purposes.

The Engelhard Company

In 1958 his son, Charles Jr., formed Engelhard Industries, an umbrella corporation for the family's companies, and listed it on the New York Stock Exchange.

Further mergers and acquisitions saw saw Engelhard Industries expand into the chemical and mineral industries, and Engelhard is even credited with developing the first production catalytic converter.

Finally, in 2006, Engelhard was purchased by the German company BASF, which has proceeded to gradually eliminate the Engelhard name, relegating the former Fortune-500 company to the history books.

Engelhard Silver Bars

During the inflationary crisis and oil crunch of the 1970s, interest in silver bullion as a form of wealth protection grew in popularity. As a result of the demand, Engelhard began minting silver bars with weights of 1, 10 and 100 troy ounces. However, by the mid 1980s investor interest in precious metals had waned to the point that Engelhard decided to cease extruding silver bars.

Despite this very brief history, Engelhard silver bars remain the industry standard in silver bars. They are sought after for their guaranteed purity, quality and brand name recognition. The Engelhard name remains a trusted and recognized icon in the precious metals industry and their silver bars remain in high demand.

How to Buy Engelhard Silver Bars

Since Engelhard silver bars have not been produced since the mid 1980s, it can be a difficult task to find them. The best places to look for Engelhard bars are online bullion dealers and local precious metals dealers. Ebay is also an option, although premiums will likely be significantly higher than a dealer.

Investing in Engelhard silver bars is a foolproof way to protect oneself from economic uncertainty. They can easily be bought or sold with confidence and are sought after worldwide. Engelhard is a name worth investing in.