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2016 Congo Silverback Gorilla Silver Coin 1 oz
Written by SD Bullion     January 11, 2018    

The second release under the relatively new Silverback Gorilla Silver Coin.

The second release under the relatively new Silverback Gorilla Silver Coin program from the Republic of Congo, the 2016 1 oz Silverback Gorilla Silver Coin, is now available to purchase at SD Bullion.

This silver bullion is struck using 1 troy ounce of 0.999 pure silver. Moreover, since these coins are a result of the partnership between the Republic of Congo and the Scottsdale Mint, they bear a face value of 5000 Francs CFA and hold legal tender status in the country. However, like all silver bullion coins, the value of the silver in the coin outstrips their face value.

Adult male gorillas are called silverbacks due to their characteristic silver shaded back. They are usually the most mature of a pack of mountain gorillas, taking on the role of leader, guiding and protecting the pack from predators and trespassers.

These coins’ obverses feature the imposing face of the Silverback Gorilla, staring straight ahead. The clever silver polishing lends life to this design, making it seem more life-like and real.

The Congo coat of arms embellishes the reverse of the coin; the banner in the design highlights the official motto of the country, i.e. ‘Unite, Travail, Progres.’ Above this image, the name of the issuing nation ‘Republique Du Congo’ is displayed prominently.

This 2016 1 oz Silverback Gorilla Silver Coin will assist in diversifying your precious metals investments, while adding a collectible silver bullion coin with a brilliant design to your tangible assets.

Diameter 38.6 mm
Limited Mintage of Only 75,000
Individual Coins are shipped in Protective Coin Case
Multiples of 5 are shipped in a sealed sheet