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From a cigar box under a lunch counter to a multi-million dollar business, SilverTowne has grown from a small coin shop to one of the largest and most respected retailers of bullion and coins in the United States.

Founded in 1949 by Leon Hendrickson, SilverTowne offers a wide-selection of rare coins, modern coins and precious metals via our website – Leon and his beloved wife Ruhama prided themselves on building a company with a firm foundation of honesty and integrity. Leon’s son David Hendrickson, now in charge of day-to-day operations of SilverTowne as the company’s president, continues the tradition to this day. Order directly on our website - or for the most competitive pricing on larger volumes, please call us at 1-877-477-2646 (M-F 9am-5pm, Sat 9am-4pm EST).


From ancient times to the modern era, investing in Gold Bullion and Silver Bullion has been a popular practice for those looking to diversify their portfolio in hopes of preserving future wealth. There are many options when investing in gold, with some of the most popular beingGold American Eagles,Gold Buffalos andGold First Spouse Coins – as well as othergold bullion from around the world. For those interested in silver, SilverTowne Trademark Silver Bars are very popular with collectors and investors of .999 fine silver. In addition to silver bars (or ingots), you’ll also find a wide selection of silver medallions (or rounds) at SilverTowne.


Another easy way to invest in silver and gold is by purchasing modern coins.Gold American Eagles and Gold Buffalos from the United States Mint are some of the best options, along with gold bullion coins offered by other mints from around the world, includingGold Maple Leafs,Gold Pesos,Gold Krugerrands, and Gold Kangaroos, to name just a few. For silver investments, you can’t go wrong with the Silver American Eagle from the US Mint, one of the most popular bullion coins in the world. There are also numerous modern silver bullion coins available from foreign countries, such asCanada,Mexico,Australia,New Zealand, China and more.


Bullion and Modern Coins are by far the most popular method of investing in silver and gold for those wishing to physically own precious metals, but many people also choose to diversify their collection with other coins. Many collectors consider their numismatic type coins as more of a hobby, whereas some pursue the coins that they believe will make good long-term investments. While these coins can include those with specific dates, mint-marks and other specifications that make them rare, precious metals investors tend to stick with coins composed of 90% silver, including Morgan Dollars,Peace Dollars, Silver Proof Sets and Commemorative Silver Dollars from the US Mint.


One distinct advantage SilverTowne has over most other coin and bullion dealers is that we operate our own mint, eliminating the middle-man on the majority of silver bullion we sell. In addition to producing and selling our own Custom Minted Silver Bars & Medallions, the SilverTowne Mint is your one-stop-shop for custom designs of gold and silver coins, “challenge coins” and other medallions for military personnel, public servants, churches, clubs, companies and other organizations.


Price – our relationships with all major mints around the world, as well as owning and operating of the SilverTowne Mint, allows us to keep our prices very competitive.

Selection – we pride ourselves in offering a wide selection of both bullion and coins, giving our customers a diverse choice when adding items to their collections and/or portfolios.

Service – from before you place an order to well after you receive your package, we strive to make your entire experience with SilverTowne a pleasant one.


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