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Gold Price Today

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The Best Way to Store Gold and Silver

How To Store Gold & Silver

Worried about the safety of your gold and silver? Looking for a better way to protect you investment?

The Best Place to Buy Gold and Silver

The Best Place to Buy Gold and Silver

Think all gold and silver dealers are the same? Learn what puts one dealer ahead of all the rest.

Gold Price Charts offers many charts, tables, and graphs that can be used to make better investment decisions when buying precious metals.

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Gold Price Tracking Tools

Gold Price Charts and live data

Gold Price Charts

View the current price of gold and gold price historical charts.

Silver Price Charts and Live Data

Silver Price Charts

View the current price of silver and silver price historical charts.

Platinum Price Charts and Live Data

Platinum Price Charts

View the current price of platinum and platinum price historical charts.

Gold Investment Guide Thumbnail

Gold Investment Guide

Learn about gold market investment best practices and the history of gold.

Gold Market Analysis and Opinion Articles

Analysis and Opinion

Keep up-to-date by reading our articles from bullion industry leaders and commentators.

Compare Gold Storage Options

Discover the best way to securly store your precious metals.

Store Gold or Silver

Get the Gold Price Today from is your destination for industry insight and the best tools to discover live spot prices for gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Our gold price charts provide accurate price data and allow you to research currencies from 37 different countries with 8 options for weights of measurement. We offer analysis and expert opinions to help educate you on the gold price today and prepare you for future purchases and investments.

Invest in Gold Today

Buying gold as an investment makes sense. Gold has been around as a medium of exchange for 5,000 years and, unlike most paper currencies, gold’s value has never gone to zero. In fact, over the last 100 years the price of gold has increased.

Here are Four Reasons to Invest in Gold Today

1. Gold Holds Unique Value – Gold is physical money. It isn’t like the US dollar which is issued and backed by the US government, making it vulnerable to market fluctuations. Gold has immediate purchasing power as currency and that makes it uniquely valuable. Owning gold bullion is considered to be a means of protection when the US dollar is failing or world markets become volatile and uncertain. Traditionally, the value of gold goes up when the dollar is down.

2. Gold is Historically Stable – Physical gold holds the same value and standard weight all over the world, creating a viable option to easily buy, sell or trade. While you can shop for gold in many currencies and weights, the gold industry recognizes a standard for that weight. This standardization around the world makes buying gold bullion and other precious metals, a trustworthy process.

3. Gold Supply is Limited – There is a limited supply of gold on the earth and gold is also not renewable. Gold can’t be printed like money and that means once all of the gold has been mined and sold, there won’t be more. Gold mining can be a costly activity so if mining companies decide that it isn’t financially feasible to mine, the supply will lag behind demand. All of this rarity, including low discovery of new gold, makes gold even more valuable, especially as a long-term investment.

4. Gold is Accessible to Purchase – Buying and selling gold as an individual investor has become easy and more accessible. The 1 ounce gold and silver bars provide an amazing entry point for purchasing smaller amounts of bullion with more variety. One troy ounce gold and silver coins are created with unique and limited-edition designs perfect for collecting, gift giving and handing down to loved ones. These coins are also sold in fractional amounts; another great way to invest small or create a wide collection. And of course there is the option of buying larger, exquisitely designed 10 or 100 ounce gold and silver bars, if you prefer more volume at once.

The Future of Gold

The future of gold is actually pretty bright. With advancements in technology, new industry uses for gold in electronics, mobile phones, solar energy and even medicine; the value of gold should continue to rise. Any investor will benefit from paying attention to the daily spot prices of gold to make smart purchases, and hold onto gold for the long term.

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