New Direction IRA to Offer Self-directed IRA Services at Texas Precious Metals Depository

Texas Precious Metals Depository announces the addition of New Direction IRA – a provider of self-directed IRAs, 401(k)s, health savings accounts (HSAs), and other such tax-advantaged savings vehicles – as a preferred custodian for self-directed IRA services at its new storage facility. In conjunction with New Direction, Texas Precious Metals Depository (TPMD) will complement the retail services provided by Texas Precious Metals to meet the needs of precious metals IRA investors.

Per the Internal Revenue Code, retirement investors may incorporate physical bullion and coins into their portfolios and retain the applicable tax benefits of their accounts. However, any account-owned precious metals must be stored in a depository or another such qualified third-party storage facility.

“Texas Precious Metals has worked diligently to optimize the investor experience through easy-to-use online marketplaces and industry-leading customer service,” said Tarek Saab, President of Texas Precious Metals. “We’re thrilled for the opportunity to serve our customers with New Direction IRA by providing a secure and affordable storage solution.”

The dedicated Precious Metals Asset Team (PMAT) at New Direction IRA communicates with prospective IRA investors, guides them through the account opening process, and collaborates with dealers like Texas Precious Metals to ensure a smooth transaction process.

Texas Precious Metals Depository is a private underground bullion depository. The facility is entombed in concrete with three layers of concentric protection, bulletproof doors at all access points, armed security, and 24/7/365 interior and exterior surveillance. Texas Precious Metals Depository is also monitored remotely by county and city law enforcement, who are situated within one mile of the facility, and is 100% insured by Lloyd’s of London.

The depository has been used as the main storage and logistics center for Texas Precious Metals since 2012, processing over $500 million in precious metals transactions. The expansion of the facility for private customer storage includes fully segregated storage boxes and privately leased TRTL-30X6 equivalent Tann Banker’s Treasury Safes.

“We are happy to add this Texas-based facility as an option for our clients,” said Amy Henricks, Director of Precious Metals Operations.

Since 2003, New Direction IRA has enabled self-directed investors to incorporate alternative assets like precious metals into their IRAs, 401(k)s, and other such tax-advantaged savings vehicles. High demand in the gold and silver industry prompted the creation of NDIRA’s unique Precious Metals Asset Team (PMAT), which focuses solely on the needs of precious metals investors and their dealers. PMAT provides comprehensive support throughout the life of an account, from first client contact through the account creation, initial transaction, and all subsequent investment activities. To date, New Direction IRA services over 17,000 clients and nearly $2 billion in assets, approximately $368 million of which belongs to precious metals clients.

Texas Precious Metals can be reached at 361-594-3624 and notices(at) The Precious Metals Asset Team at New Direction IRA can be reached at 877-742-1270 (Ext. 185) and pmat(at)